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Amish Funeral.


The latter half of Christmas morning I spent at a funeral. One of the Amish families had just lost their two-week-old baby. The family lived nearby – I had already met the child’s great-uncle – and I knew another family we knew here would be there. But there was another reason I wanted to go. […]

Inner and Outer.


If an alien de Tocqueville came to a Christian church to write a “Religion on Earth” book, he would probably conclude that two major tenets of Christianity are dressing up and showing up.  And the holier the occasion, the more the commandments “thou shalt dress up” and “thou shalt show up” are followed. For a […]

Simone Weil on Christmas.


“Beauty is the experimental proof that incarnation is in fact possible.”

Christmas with Fyodor.


“You asked just now if there is in the whole world a being who could and would have the right to forgive.  But there is such a being, and he can forgive everything, forgive all and for all, because he himself gave his innocent blood for all and for everything…and it is to him that […]



Again, so good to have Sullivan back.  Who writes posts like this?  Who has readers like this?  Sheer supergay yule pathos.

Christmas Commiserations.


      I know that many people go to Church on days like this, so I figured I’d scribble a tad on the Mass.       The homily in the mass serves an important function for Catholics (especially Catholic men who are masters at this): it trains you to completely shut down as someone else is speaking.  […]