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The Game by Neil Strauss.


Generally if a book recurs in conversation time and again for years, I get around to reading it. As a single person who has never had any particular desire to be single, dating is a common theme of discussion, and one of the standard variants of that discussion occurs when I speak with my some […]

Freud and the Future of an Illusion.


A friend recently lent me a copy of Clive James’ book Cultural Amnesia – now that is a good friend – which I devoured over the course of a little over a week. The book is excellent, and what is particularly lovely about it is that it filled me with the desire to read everything […]

A Sign.


My boss sent me to the hardware store to get some fencing, and as I go out to the warehouse to pick up my order and load it into my truck, I see a sticker stuck to the door: Maybe I should take this personally.  A close-up shot: Freud: precisely what you need.

Erich Fromm’s Art of Loving.


I take as true and interesting the following statement of Erich Fromm: There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love.  If this were the case with any other activity, people would be eager to know the reasons for the […]

Jung and Freud.


I have always had a poor New Yorker’s skepticism of “therapy” – shrinks and psychoanalysis.  That sort of thing, goes the prejudice, is for Manhattanites; and it never cures them anyway.  In fact, it is likely to make people more self-centered and self-justifying than ever.  An acquaintance with Freud’s writings, and the atrocious way that […]