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The World’s Coolest Movie Theater.


So who knew that the world’s coolest movie theater was in Jamaica, Queens?  All its detailing is preserved too.  Pretty amazing.  It’s now a church, and by a curious but understandable law preventing the state from landmarking church interiors it is not a landmark.

“We Flavor Kids’ Medicines.”


The S&M Pharmacy.  I really do love Queens.  On Main Street, Kew Gardens Hills.  Full name is Shalom and Mecheieh Pharmacy.

In Queens.


Walking down the block in the early afternoon on my natal street, and the wind brings to me the smell of the ocean – the summer onshore breeze that sets in on summer afternoons.  So beautiful, and so laced with so many memories – of the small town in the city where I grew up, […]

Voodoo Sacrifice.


In Forest Park there is a place atop a little glacial hill where the ground levels out briefly into a small platform; many decades ago, probably before the park was owned by the city, a small concrete basin was poured there, which was never removed.  It made a convenient pit for fires, and became the […]

The Bayside Prophet.


Stumbled across the writings of Veronica Leuken, the authoress of a series of mad, mildly sadistic and occasionally humorous prophecies revealed to her by the Blessed Virgin and Jesus in – where else? – Bayside, Queens.  As with all prophecies – one of the very worst habits of the Biblical tradition – they are a […]

Queens NY.


Jamaica Avenue, old siding under the El.

New York City.


Forest Park, Queens.  February 2011.

The Pronunciation of Newtown, Queens.


Lord knows I should have made a stink about this before, but it’s been done: the people who run the subway have corrected their shameful mispronunciation of the neighborhood of Queens known as Newtown.  They called it “Newton” (as in Sir Isaac).  But even New Yorkers who have never been to the neighborhood have crossed […]

The J Train.


A few friends got some real experience with the J train last night – in a blizzard no less – coming out to decorate the Christmas tree with me and sing a few old songs.  It reminded me of the following story: A friend called me up after flying out of New York, very excited.  […]