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The Reginald Foster Biography Project


This past fall I was asked to write a profile of Fr. Reginald Foster, which is coming out shortly from The New Criterion.  At the time I was working on a memoir about Rome, and it was obvious that I was leaving a tremendous amount about my relationship with Reginaldus unsaid because it was too complicated. […]

The Latinosphere.


June 20th. A detail I forgot, from the Latinosphere, the small world we Latinists live in: the day after our arrival, before going to Pilanesberg, I met the Classicists in Potchefstroom. We had lunch together, and in the afternoon we all attended a lecture via Skype, from San Antonio, Texas. The lecture was given by […]

Quote of the Day.


“Well the fact is everything in life is uncertain, friends, but you can’t just go around using the subjunctive all the time.”  -Reginald Foster

Reginald Foster in Milwaukee.


A very nicely done segment which aired on the Milwaukee Fox Affiliate, about the American version of Reginaldus’s Latin experiences. The class shown is the Third Experience. I will confess to little jets of pain when I see Reginaldus’s body so laid low by time – when I first met him, you could not convince […]

Reading Languages.


Students of ancient languages know the feeling of being able to read no more than a paragraph of text in an hour, slogging through a dictionary for nearly every word and then trying to decipher the sentence.  But similarly those who have stayed with them know the feeling of being able to speak and read […]

Nuntius e Reginaldo.


For those Reginaldians who did not see this aliis modis:

Reginaldus and Bill Maher.


For those who haven’t seen it or want a refresher, here’s the clip of Reginald Foster and Bill Maher.  It amazes me how Maher struck the major emotional chord of Reginaldus’ life: a man who dedicated his life to the Church, then fell in love with God, and has had to try (with only partial success) […]

Teaching Latin with Reginald Foster’s Methods


            One of the better-known figures in Classics today is Father Reginald Foster.  His story is interesting enough to have appeared in the media several times, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, the BBC, and most thoroughly in The American Scholar.[1] He has his own weekly spot on Vatican Radio, called “the Latin […]