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Our first stop on our little trip through Italy was Florence.  There are new fast trains from Rome to Florence which arrive in less than an hour and a half.  Before we knew it we were lugging our bags past Santa Maria Novella and over the Arno to our guesthouse. I have to admit that […]

For the Latinists.


A Latin job for 2010-11 has opened at Regis in New York City – a program which should be (should not is) the best Latin program in any American high school.  The school’s history has been shaped by the formative deed which started it – a large, anonymous gift which paid all the school’s expenses […]

Some Donatist Musings.


It’s good to move away from the idea that the priesthood has to be made up of pure, near-perfect men: no matter who you put up on a pedestal, he will be found unworthy at some point or other.  But the priesthood has been so wrapped in this idea – this is God looking for […]