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I’ve been terribly busy lately – it’s tapping season, the busiest time of year on a maple farm – and I haven’t had time to write down the long thoughts I’ve been having, but one of the themes in my mind has been an examination of the idea of self-sufficiency or self-reliance.  I’ve long thought […]

First Tree Taps.


I tapped three maples yesterday.  I was planning on doing only one – so if I did something wrong which would become clear only with some hindsight I could correct my course early on – but it was so easy to do (taking about twenty seconds), that I did two more.  You drill a hole […]

Tapping, Tapping, Tapping.


Maple sap-tapping supplies arrived yesterday.  The weather isn’t quite warm enough, I don’t think, to drive the taps in – it hasn’t gotten above freezing during the day yet – but the time is near.  This gives me time to look around for my drill bits, which wandered off somewhere during the winter.  I was […]