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Review of a New Biography of Thoreau.


The University Bookman decided I was the right guy to review the new Thoreau biography, presumably because of all these years living off-grid and the defense of Thoreau I wrote when The New Yorker published its scandalous, fact-free attack on the man.  So I read the biography – a nice one, by Laura Dassow Walls – and […]

Farming and Classics.


There exists a memoir entitled Of Farming and Classics, which to judge from the title seemed like something I might find relevant.  I wrote a review of it for the University Bookman.

Greatest Hits of 2011 at the University Bookman.


The editor of the University Bookman sent out a list of the most-read pieces on the site in 2011, and the interview I gave there was one of them.  The top five pieces are all excellent and I recommend them all: “Tyranny of the Herd.” By Paul Beston. “Live Where We Are.” By John […]

Interview with the University Bookman.


I get interviewed by the University Bookman about the Staten Island book, Thoreau in the City, and the “go live where you are” principle.