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Monthly Archives: November 2008

The End of Books.


      “How much, thought I, has each of these volumes, now thrust aside with such indifference, cost some aching head – how many weary days!  how many sleepless nights!  How have their authors buried themselves in the solitude of cells and cloisters; shut themselves up from the face of man, and the still more blessed […]

Resolving some contradictions.


              Many of the oppositions that appear to occur in the universe are resolved by the simple inclusion of time in the reckoning.  Day and night, for instance: they appear to be opposites, and yet the simple lapse of time leads from one to the other and back again.             In speech, these opposites […]

Amtrak – Small But Meaningful Progress on Energy Policy


Recently I spent a little while visiting politicians’ web sites. All of them mention energy, and they all have energy policies of some sort. The Republicans promise more drilling for oil. The democrats promise a commitment to renewable energies. Most of them promise things to take place long after they leave office. “20% renewable energy […]

Abortion III – The Character of Abortion


       In my two previous essays on abortion, I discussed abortion and the vote, and abortion and the Catholic hierarchy.  In both of them I took for granted that abortion is a sin and that it should not occur.  I will not backtrack from that position.  But many people feel much less certain about the […]

Back in the Big Apple.




It’s not immediately obvious that the main message of the movie Religulous – that religion is ridiculous and we have no room for it anymore in the world – would appeal to any person (like myself) who describes himself as religious.  Religious people have seen atheists set up paper tigers and rip them apart before.  […]

Among Men.


I´ve come down to New York City to be among men for awhile.  No internet access in Richmond Hill, which remains its 19th century self.  Yet another opportunity to try to experience past and present at the same time.

But / And


The individual personality reveals itself in the tiniest of things.  One of the most interesting is the word “but.”  Like all the adversatives (however, although, nonetheless, etc.) it implies some kind of opposition.  It is most interesting to see where people think there is an opposition, and wherever they use the word “but” you may […]

Abortion Part II – Abortion and the Hierarchy.


            In my first piece on abortion I discussed how a person who opposed abortion could also vote for pro-choice politicians.  In this piece I would like to draw attention specifically to the tactical choices of the Catholic hierarchy.               The thing that always strikes me when I hear priests in the pulpit talking […]

Barack Obama and True Power.


            The lives of powerful men generally conform to the hero-pattern, and the American presidential candidates for the year 2008 were no exception.  John McCain’s life story of spending five years in a cell – in the underworld, in the wasteland, in the belly of the beast, in hell, however you wish to represent it […]