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The View From My Window.


It’s been 8 years since I was last in Europe; time for a revisit.  This summer we are spending in Rome, working for the Paideia Institute, and toting around our two five-month-olds.  Rome is a city I know well, and it’s full of ghosts; some are mine, and some belong to us all.

Death Held at Bay.


Driving home from work the other day, I came up over the hill and down into the happy valley of the Neversink, a sight I always love.  I found myself staring as I drove at the green fields zipping past.  The Mr. Mister song “Broken Wings” came on the radio, with its simple atmospheric bass […]

Summer, from Staten Island.


As I have mentioned before, the printed Staten Island book was a selection of the essays I wrote about the Island; there were others which did not make the cut, for various reasons.  Of the four essays I wrote about the seasons, the editors wanted to include “Spring” and “Summer,” but I felt that they […]