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Luxury Rental.


We had spent enough time on an inflatable mattress on Thom Collins’ floor, and it was time to head for the house we had rented in Miami Beach – a $2700 per week rental house we would be sharing with eight friends. Again, this place surpassed expectations. It was a giant house – there were […]

Miami Beach.


Miami Beach is technically a separate city from Miami, and in certain respects – amazingly – it is its equal or even superior in urban vitality. It occupies a broad barrier island in Biscayne Bay, as long and perhaps five or six times wider than the Rockaway Peninsula of New York. The area was opened […]

Little Havana.


I saw “Little Havana” on my maps of Miami and felt I simply had to see the place, so I made a point of heading there when I had a little time to myself. It surprised me by seeming so utterly normal. It is true that the population was entirely Spanish-speaking; Miami is I think […]

Bad Credit Plastic Surgery.


Without a doubt the most striking thing about listening to the radio in Miami are the plastic surgery ads. With financing options. “Breast aug $199 a month. Lipo $299 a month. Bad credit? No problem! We specialize in people with credit problems!” There’s even a website,

Palmettos Black and White.


The Everglades without color.

Art Basel Miami Beach.


My first full day in Miami was the “preview day” at Art Basel, the nation’s most prestigious contemporary art show. I had never been to anything like it and we had VIP passes, so I was raring to go. We ended up spending something like six hours at the show, in two separate visits during […]

Landing in Miami.


When I got off the plane I was amazed immediately: in tropical climates the humid air holds the warmth all night, and I could walk out of the airport in short sleeves in perfect comfort. Miami began its wild growth after the “Great Freeze” of 1894, when Florida’s entire citrus crop was killed off by […]

Thom Collins, Director of Miami Art Museum.


I had the good fortune to stay at the house of Thom Collins, the current director of the Miami Art Museum, while visiting Miami.  He was extraordinarily hospitable and it was because of him that I ended up having VIP access to all the events at Art Basel, the massive contemporary art show in Miami. […]

Land of Contrasts.


At least one person expressed astonishment that I was headed off to Miami for a week – “we mountain people,” she said, “don’t want anything to do with Miami.”  I had a little taste of that in the airport on my way down.  I was waiting on the security line, shoes and boarding pass in […]

Route 66.