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Day One: From Clarity to Clouds and Rain.


After a few days not spinning my wheels in New York City – I was making attempts at buying gear for the trip, and failing as I typically do in anything related to shopping – I finally left New York around noon on Monday the 14th of April.  I came to the conclusion that if […]



“Possessing himself of the high points of the city, Marcellus, about break of day, entered Syracuse through the Hexapylum, all his officers congratulating him. But looking down from the higher places upon the beautiful and spacious city below, he is said to have wept much, commiserating the calamity that hung over it, when his thoughts […]

The Golden Spruce and our Forests.


A friend recently lent me a book and I repaid him by reading it. The book, The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, is about an unusual Sitka spruce, several hundred years old, which had golden needles in place of the usual green ones. Golden foliage is an odd but regularly occurring plant mutation, highly prized […]

The World’s Coolest Movie Theater.


So who knew that the world’s coolest movie theater was in Jamaica, Queens?  All its detailing is preserved too.  Pretty amazing.  It’s now a church, and by a curious but understandable law preventing the state from landmarking church interiors it is not a landmark.

Mark Twain’s Grave on All Souls Day.


I wrote on this blog about a trip of mine to Hannibal, Missouri, the adorable little river-town where Mark Twain spent his boyhood. In our imaginations the writer is so associated with the Mississippi River that I believe it it something of a crime that he is not buried along its course. It is of […]

Heavenly Touch.


Pastor Jones Fashions, Elmira, New York.  Shuttered.

New Law From Big Brother: No Plebeians In Parks on Warm Summer Nights.


In New York City this past weekend, I was at a Canada Day barbecue in Cooper Park yesterday which ended perfectly… a cop car drove onto one of the park paths and stopped a hundred feet from us so the cops could watch the thirty-odd people having a picnic.  After ten minutes of being watched […]

Fracking and Earthquakes.


Human beings have become so incredibly powerful.  A 600% increase in 3.0-or-greater magnitude earthquakes in middle America with no known natural explanation for it – the USGS describes the earthquakes as “almost certainly manmade.”  The probable cause is fracking. “If you are doing deep well injection, you are altering the stress on the underlying rocks […]

The things you find out.


Looking at the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from Cairo, Illinois, the thing which impressed me was how giant the Ohio was; it is an extremely impressive river in its lower reaches.  And looking it up, I discovered that it is, in fact, the larger stream at the juncture.  By traditional standards – meaning considering the […]

Suzanne Vega at the Allen Room, Lincoln Center.


Suzanne Vega has only one New York show scheduled on her tour supporting the new acoustic effort Suzanne Vega Close-Up, the late January show at Lincoln Center’s Allen Room.  It sold out easily, and others may be added, but there is a slight melancholy about the fact, indicative of the city’s lethargy in celebrating its […]