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April Snowfall.


We returned to the cabin and found spring just beginning in the mountains.  Down in the Rondout Valley the hepatica (H. acutiloba) bloomed March 30; the bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) the following day; April 2nd saw spring-beauty (Claytonia carolina) bloom on Wildcat Mountain.  And then on April 3rd the snow came, in the middle of the […]

Bear Tracks in the Snow.


Someone is awake and hasn’t eaten in a month and a half…

The Elusive Friend.


For most of this winter my cabin has been surrounded, continually, by the tracks of a four-footed carnivore – whom I have yet to see in the flesh.  He criss-crosses the property, sometimes crossing my lawn multiple times per night.  I have seen his tracks go under my extension and through the middle of my […]

Tracking the Wildcat.


Sometimes I hate the fact that I don’t wake up about an hour before dawn, when all the animals are doing interesting things.  I woke up yesterday morning and went to the spring for water, when I saw an unusual set of very clear prints in the snow.  All the local carnivores (except the bears) […]

A Winter Day.


The day started sunny and cold and bright, good woodcutting weather, and I ended up bringing in something like nine bags of wood today.  This is a good day’s work.  I split some black cherry, which is so beautiful that I often feel a little bad about burning it.  It supposedly takes the knife and […]

Winter in the Cabin.


For the past week it has been consistently cold and wintry here in the cabin.  There is snow on the ground, and I have to walk in from the road; my dirt driveway is now closed off.  Snowshoes are not required yet, but snow that has fallen is starting to pile up.  I spend some […]

Snow Indeed.




We’re supposed to have snow tonight.  Probably nothing like the 16″ we got on October 28th three years ago, but we’ll see.

Winter, winter, winter.


New Year’s.


Summit of Red Hill, late December 2010.