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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Winter Closes In.


I came back up to the mountains last night after a delightful few days in the city – though at the end I started to get haunted by the melancholy which sometimes tugs at me when confronted with city dwelling: I can tolerate the loneliness at the heart of my life as long as nature […]

The Problem of Love.


“Love seeketh not itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives its ease, And builds a heaven in hell’s despair.” So sung a little Clod of Clay, Trodden with the cattle’s feet, But a Pebble of the brook Warbled out these metres meet: “Love seeketh only Self to please, To […]

Talk at NYU.


I’ll be speaking this Wednesday, November 20th at NYU on the topic Religion, Spirituality, and Healing.  I was on a similar panel last year and the students liked what I had to say, so now I’m one of the presenters. 9:30 a.m. to noon or thereabouts.  Silver Hall, 31 Washington Place, room 414.

NY Times Coverage, and Is This Project ‘Green’?


An article in the New York Times which captures pretty well the kind of contempt and arrogance of the owner and designer of the Denning wind turbine project. As more information has come out, it’s become clear that Mr. Hirsch’s project is just a vanity project and not green.  Building a $360,000 structure (much of […]

Wind Turbine Postponement.


We were circulating a petition asking for a tabling of the vote on the wind turbine, and the vote has indeed been tabled.  Ulster County caught wind of the project and put a stay on it themselves, pending their own review.  This is good.

Town Board Meeting Tonight, Zoning Board Meeting 11/13/13.


There’s a town board meeting tonight at 7 p.m., and one of the items of business will be our petition to get a stay on the decision to build a 177′ wind turbine here in town.  I’ve heard complaints from some of my environmentalist friends – we need renewable energy sources – but I still […]

Online Petition Against Building Wind Turbines in Catskill State Park.


We’ve created an online version of the petition we’ve been circulating here in town.  I think preservation of the Catskills from 17-storey buildings is a worthy endeavor and one that has value not just for our local residents but for everyone.  I encourage everyone to follow the link and sign.



“Cover the Mountains With Wind Turbines.”


I went to the Town Board meeting last night, in part to congratulate the victors, but mostly because of the wind turbine issue I wrote about earlier.  Since first encountering this issue I’ve thought about it a lot, and asked the opinions of people I respect, and the more I thought about it the more […]



Everything godlike is weak and defenseless.