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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Let Top Seeds Choose Their Opponent, Part II


I heard Mike Francesa hammering on this idea during his radio program today.  He saw no drawbacks to the idea – letting top seeds choose their opponent in the first round of the playoffs as a reward for having the best record during the regular season.  It certainly would work well for baseball.  He said, […]

Autumn Sets In.


The photo is overexposed as usual, or the image would make you weep for the gift of eyes.  There are layers upon layers of mountains going into the distance, all invisible in the Canon haze.  It’s been beautiful up here, though it is autumn: cold, windy, damp, raw, the smell of rot in the air […]

New Jersey Nyets


I’ve long been an admirer of the linguistic wit of tabloid headline writers, the alliteration, the monikers, the brevity, the improbable juxtapositions.  So I was happy to get a chance to try my hand while at Gothamist.  And it seems I’ve done it: I made what will be a lasting (i.e., a few months) contribution […]

“Redistribution of Privilege”


A marvellously insightful little post from a reader of Andrew Sullivan’s blog.  The reader gives a decent explanation of why the terms “communist” and “socialist” appear to be used to describe people who do not seem in the least like the old Soviets.  He describes what is feared as not redistribution of wealth so much […]

The Great Old Fish Of Richmond Hill.


I’m glad I got this opportunity to honor a Richmond Hill landmark.  And the stories – the Holocaust survivor, the Vet coming back from Nam – it was just too good.  I’ve been visiting that fish for more than 25 years. And Louie’s tricolon abundans – “That fish! That effin’ fish!  Is that effin’ […]

A Reflection on the 365th day.


This is the 365th day this website has been up.  I have to thank mattw and mr. tween for encouraging me to start it, handling all the technical details, and for being my two commenters.  As a result of having this place to put up some of my thoughts, conversations with friends have been jumpstarted […]

Interview with Howard Dean, from Gothamist.

23-Sep-09 A good experience too.  The transcription can only do so much.  My favorite moment was when I told him that I had taught at Saint David’s, a school that would be familiar to anyone that went to Browning.  The tone of his voice changed and he paused, as if some memory had just arisen […]

Fish Under The Bridge.


In Brooklyn, just outside the Gothamist office.

The Bronx River…


Wrote all day today.  Did what, nine posts?  And I interviewed Howard Dean.  (Write-up of the interview should come out later this week).  My fave post of today:

Headed into the City…


… to write for Gothamist for a week.  Give us a visit.