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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Visit to Barataria Preserve, Lafitte National Historical Park.


This afternoon I went with a friend to the swamp directly south of New Orleans, the Barataria Preserve, an arm of the “Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.”  The Barataria area is a nature park, but its place in the larger historical context is interesting and I’ll note it briefly: Jean Lafitte (he has a […]

Alligator in Lafitte Preserve, Louisiana.


This little one came within eight or nine feet of us.  An incredible mixture of malice and grace.

De Fatigatione Sedentaria.


I am afflicted by restlessness from time to time, together with the blues.  I’m depressed every year in January (this year was no exception) and April (last year was no exception, and I’m not expecting an exemption this year).  But now I am noticing that often these feelings go together with impatience at the chairs […]

Weather Drama.


A strange day.  I wore shorts – not unusual after a night in which I slept with the windows open and no shirt on, half-under a sheet – but it turned cold and I was uncomfortable all day (couldn’t go back to change).  It’s 52 degrees now, and I notice that in the Catskills, two […]

Happy New Year.


The Twenty-Fifth of March is always a strange day for me.  Traditionally in Christian countries it was New Year’s Day (England did not abandon this practice until the 1750s, which is why George Washington, born in February of 1731, was born, by our standards, in February of 1732).  Since this is spring, it’s actually a […]

I don’t want to turn this into another affirmation of real religion as opposed to superstitious superficiality, BUT…


A really revolting bit of superstitious superficiality from the Christian News Wire.  The idea is that God decided to kill the entire family of the director of an abortion clinic, but not the director himself (collateral damage, I suppose; but pretty good for God, whose aim is not good).  Which gives me an idea: maybe […]

Sold down the river.


Sometimes things strike you suddenly, after long delay.  I took a trip up the Mississippi, and saw a few plantations, among other things.  And here is New Orleans, one of the two great slave marts of America (the other being Charleston), at the very bottom of the river.  And I realized the origin of the […]

Remembering what I left behind…


Snow on Wildcat Mountain, fall 2008.

Edward Said’s Orientalism.


There are many things which I have long held at arm’s length because of a general suspicion that I will not like them or profit by them.  I have from time to time been reproved by others (and myself) for not having sure and certain knowledge of them.  “How can you know you’ll dislike something […]

Political Art-Commentary…


Some very nice stuff from Derek Chatwood: So spot-on it could actually be taken for real Jesus-freak material (as Andrew Sullivan thought it was). More here.