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Latest Piece


The “Global Latinists” piece I wrote is, like the piece about Reginaldus before it, something I’m proud of and which I hope will find readers.  I believe it’s currently behind the paywall, but I know the New Criterion also puts some articles outside its paywall, and I hope this one will get there.

Latin and Race.


The immersion program is begun, and it is worth noting that there are no black participants. For a Classicist this is nothing unusual – indeed, for anyone involved in the high levels of almost any academic discipline, this is not unusual. In the United States, where blacks comprise about ten percent of the population, it […]

Latin Beyond Classicism.


June 29th. We began the Latin immersion today. We read an account of Tungubutum (Timbuktu) written in Latin in 1595 by Adriaan Van Roomen. Tungubutum; situm ad magnum lacum piscibus abundantem, aqua tamen lacus est amara et venenata. Civitas magnae negotiationis, ad quam non tantum fit concursus Fessanorum et Maroccorum, sed etiam Cariensium. Huc magna […]

The Latinosphere.


June 20th. A detail I forgot, from the Latinosphere, the small world we Latinists live in: the day after our arrival, before going to Pilanesberg, I met the Classicists in Potchefstroom. We had lunch together, and in the afternoon we all attended a lecture via Skype, from San Antonio, Texas. The lecture was given by […]

At the Airport.


June 15th. Dulles Airport. Now at the airport. Unable to get the internet working properly. Pondering possible Latin texts for our classes in South Africa – there exist many Latin accounts of the animals – certainly good material on elephants, lions, and giraffes, from Pliny to Linnaeus. There is much Latin writing about North Africa […]

In the National Gallery.


June 15th. Dulles Airport. We had time today in the morning, before our evening flight, and so we drove into D.C. and visited the National Gallery. I had been there before, but I don’t know the museum well. In general, it aroused in me the same feelings that D.C. does: I am kind of impressed, […]

Prolegomenon: Latin In America.


June 15th. Dulles Airport. We drove down to Washington D.C. after a funeral in New York. I had my usual repeated meals of pizza while in New York, attempting to stock up on calories. It might be a long time before I have my next good slice. In D.C. we stayed with Catherine’s aunt and […]

Latin in South Africa.


June 14th, Washington D.C. Tomorrow Catherine and I depart for Africa for a most unusual reason: to teach Latin. Last year Marianne Dircksen, a professor in the school of ancient languages at Northwestern University in Potchefstroom, came to Rusticatio Virginiana in search of help. Latin, which had been part of the colonial educational system in […]

Small-Town Life.


I was dropping off campaign letters at the post office when I was told by the lady at the counter, “Just hold on a second, I’ll get your mail” – this from someone I’ve never been formally introduced to, though she sure got the right person’s mail out.  When she saw I had campaign materials […]

Nancy Llewellyn’s Eulogy for David Morgan.


The eulogy for David Morgan delivered by Nancy Llewellyn at his funeral on Saturday. I met David in 1995 when we were both just getting started in the peculiar and often delightful academic microclimate that I have come to call the Latinosphere, that is, the global community of classical enthusiasts who cultivate Latin by speaking […]