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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Titan Leeds Hoax.


I have been reading up on the life of Benjamin Franklin, in the perceptive biography by Walter Isaacson; though I was saddened at how he abbreviated things which I knew to be true treasures – it makes me wonder how much other good material he leaves out of his work. One such example is the […]

Late Summer Mountains.


Sibelius’s Back Catalog.


My father’s idea of a good evening was to sit in the half-darkness getting drunk and listening to classical music; he had us kids turn the record or tape over for him.  I always had preferences for some of the music above others – when I was five I conceived such a passion for “The […]

The 2012 Election In A Nutshell.


The Republicans have nominated Gradgrind and M’Choakumchild. ‘You don’t know,’ said Sissy, half crying, ‘what a stupid girl I am. All through school hours I make mistakes. Mr. and Mrs. M’Choakumchild call me up, over and over again, regularly to make mistakes. I can’t help them. They seem to come natural to me.’ ‘Mr. and […]

Magic Mushrooms.


It was deep in a ravine, getting towards evening, and a cloudy day anyway, so it was hard to get this shot, but it actually captures the otherworldly feel of seeing these mushrooms growing on a little island at the headwaters of a little creek on Red Hill.  They were just amazingly red.  They looked […]

Of Love and Mountain Mint.


I wrote a little piece for the Denning Denizen, on another plant, mountain mint.

Catskill Troubadours.


I watched this guy patiently gnawing his way through an Agastache leaf, hanging upside down.  The crickets seem to love being in my garden – there are all sorts of plants they can be found on.  They nibble the plants a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on the garden as […]



The mid-August garden.  The tomatoes are eight feet tall and the late-summer bloomers are starting in earnest now.

Awesome Moth.


I caught sight of this guy on my Agastache, and now that I have a new camera I was – for the first time in four years up here – able to get some decent images of an insect.  The cross-like pattern on the back of this moth means that it’s easy to find on […]



Cleaning things out, and accepting that some seeds I planted last fall will not sprout.  “Back into the mix.”