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Stage Two.


Coming down Oak Street, New Orleans blew me one last kiss: a glimpse of Jacque-imo’s and its famous gator-painted pickup truck. Every time I see something interesting in New Orleans, I realize how unimaginative and boring everyplace else is. I’ve seen pickup trucks and restaurants all over America, but only in New Orleans have I […]

The Young Beautiful Hobos of New Orleans.


The next morning I left Johnny Angel’s house and headed for the river. I went down Carrollton Avenue to Oak, and stopped at the old bank there, which has now been converted into a coffee shop. On line waiting to pick up a few muffins, a young woman turned and asked me, “So where are […]



As a person who thinks about things as opposed to just doing them, I generally understand human catastrophes. Human catastrophes are typically the result of thought – the result of some kind of understanding of the world. Any understanding of the world is necessarily limited, and when people act enough on such limited apprehensions, catastrophes […]



Mystic Blue Signs, New Orleans.

The Lower Ninth Ward Redivivus.


When I woke up on Sunday I realized I had another busy day before me: I was going to stay one more night with Johnny; and during the day I would be heading out to see the Atchafalaya River with an Army Corps engineer. But I didn’t want to leave New Orleans without seeing the […]

The Loose-End Men of New Orleans.


Johnny had turned his place into a kind of refuge for the various flotsam and jetsam that floated down the river, of the male kind; I had been one of Johnny’s Boys for awhile, when I came down to New Orleans after my divorce. I had money in my bank account and had spent six […]

Robert Plant at Jazzfest.


I had been encouraged to go see Robert Plant by a groundskeeper at the Chalmette National Cemetery; and he had picked the right guy to sell me on, because I always lean towards the epic, and when you give songs titles like “The Battle of Evermore” you’re certainly at least aiming big. I’ve enjoyed some […]

As Long As There’s Love and Delight.


From Arcadian Books I headed for Jazzfest, well-armed with sunblock and big cowboy hat. Jazzfest is the last of the great New Orleans festivals, and it ushers in the hot weather. I’ve never been in New Orleans in the summer, but a friend from the city, who is not given to exaggeration, said simply of […]

The Confraternity of Bookish Nonconformists.


I remember not that long ago there were used bookshops in all the better little towns in America, and in great cities like New York – which was really at the time just an assemblage of better little towns, with an ethnic flavor – there were very many great used bookstores. Invariably each was staffed […]

The City Immutable.


The next day I brought my stuff over to my old haunt, Johnny Angel’s place in Carrollton. I had rented a room there five years ago; and I had always been impressed by Johnny, and wanted to get a chance to talk to him again. He had real depth as a person; he was thoughtful […]