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How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything.


One of Richard Rohr’s spiritual dicta is that how you do one thing is how you do everything: that there tends to be an organic unity to people, and even to cultures.  The same problem tends to resurface everywhere. Another of his dicta is that you don’t think your way to a new way of […]

Cheryl Strayed’s Vita Nuova.


In my previous essay about Cheryl Strayed’s excellent book Wild, I took as my theme the nature of the experience Strayed had, a truly transformational one which ultimately changed her perspective on almost all the issues of importance. Tranformation of perspective like this is called in Greek metanoia, a wonderful word which implies both alteration […]



“Wisdom consists of doing the next thing that you have to do, doing it with all your heart, and doing it with delight… and that delight is a sense of the sacred.” – Helen Luke

Learning the Human Cost of Our Consumption.


A Norwegian newspaper has created a reality show that involves sending three fashion bloggers to Cambodia to work in a Cambodian sweatshop.  This is an effective show for several reasons – the beauty of the young Norwegians, the fact that beautiful women in distress makes for good television, the enjoyment people get from watching spoiled […]

Christian Teaching on Insult, Blasphemy, Etc.


The Pope has weighed in on the Charlie Hebdo killings, and he falls into the “Well, I don’t like murder normally, but…” camp: The Holy Father spoke to journalists in a broad interview on the papal flight to the Philippines about the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the controversy about the magazine’s new cover this week. […]

A Little Bit of Wisdom and Perspective.


A very well-put, thoughtful piece by Erik Lindberg on how even the most liberal democrats and greens are probably climate change deniers nearly as myopic as any Republican.  The democratic problem is a belief that no serious change of lifestyle is required: that all we need to do is shift the sources of our energy […]

On Love and Marriage.


A brilliant sermon on love, marriage, and monogamy, by Jonathan Sacks, given at the Vatican.  This is well worth the time to read.  Whenever you see good sermonizing it is amazing how bad the normal stuff is.  This is a defense of monogamy which actually works: not by demonizing alternatives but by showing the virtue […]

The Outsourcerers.


Travelling with my mother in Quebec, we saw the statue of Champlain that stands outside the Chateau Frontenac.  “People dressed so strangely in those days,” she said.  I let her continue the thought.  “A lot of times they had people dress them – can you imagine?  Needing someone to dress you?” She continued: “You know, […]

On Anger.


A friend who is going through some difficulties told me that she was outside her house recently, sitting in her car, and she realized she had been angry for a long time: and all of a sudden that she was not angry anymore: it was all dissolving, and it was just turning to sadness – […]

Some Wendell Berry.


“However destructive may be the policies of the government and the methods and products of the corporations, the root of the problem is always to be found in private life. We must learn to see that every problem that concerns us as conservationists always leads straight to the question of how we live. The world […]