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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Science and Religion.


A very fine piece discriminating between the two: levelheaded and all true.  The best written work I’ve seen from the sage Michael Holleran.

If by whiskey…


Students of rhetoric should take a look at the 710 News’ post on the rhetorical technique of taking a term and defining it in two ways, one way being desirable and the other not.  Does this have a name?  Did the ancients do it?  If it is modern, surely someone has explored modern rhetoric the […]

Mardi Gras Overall.


As a general rule, I found the Mardi Gras events to be a continual crescendo of size and diminuendo of intensity.  “Extension is the complement of soul,” I believe is the relevant apothegm (if you keep on saying it to yourself enough over a period of years you will feel how much truth is in […]

Mardi Gras Out of Context – 3.


In the French Quarter, I saw a man standing at an intersection with a sign saying, GOD IS NOT FAIR.  A man came up to him and asked him if he was with the Jesus people a few steps from him.  And I thought to myself, “That is a great theological question.  That is precisely […]

Fat Tuesday.


On Tuesday I got up at six-thirty, hopped in the shower, and met my Corps engineer friend right outside my house.  We rode our bikes downtown. Getting around was difficult.  We attempted to take Claiborne Avenue, a major street running almost directly downtown from Carrollton, but its shoulder was filled with sand, gravel, and broken […]

Lundi Gras.


After a weekend where everyone is off from work and partying, Lundi Gras is a lull.  Most businesses are open, and there is opportunity to get practical things done.  Johnny Angel and myself went to do laundry, and found the laundromat quite busy – the busiest I’ve ever seen the place, all the driers being […]

Mardi Gras Out of Context – 2.


Dead-blogging Mardi Gras.


Mardi Gras is one of those phenomena which, if live-blogged, are probably not being experienced properly. I couldn’t even catch up today, on Ash Wednesday – I’ve still two days of narration to go.  I’ll try to make sure to finish it up tomorrow.  But now I’m ready to collapse – still exhausted after a […]

The Sunday Before Mardi Gras.


Sunday morning saw me biking to a lovely house on Henry Clay Avenue in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.  It was the house of the parents of a Princeton friend (the same from the previous night at the Columns).  The Krewe of Thoth, scheduled to start sometime between 11 and 12, lined […]

The Krewe of Endymion.


By Samedi Gras I was exhausted by new experiences, so I puttered around the house a bit, worked in the garden, and “made groceries.”  In the supermarket I saw one of the downsides of Mardi Gras – people running around buying things, wanting to make sure they got to the parades on time or had […]