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Staten Island in the Times.


I could have posted this awhile ago, but wasn’t sure it was all that interesting, but since I am considered a minor expert on things Staten Island I suppose I should. In unrelated news it appears the Staten Island book is now officially out of print, all the copies having been sold.

Summer, from Staten Island.


As I have mentioned before, the printed Staten Island book was a selection of the essays I wrote about the Island; there were others which did not make the cut, for various reasons.  Of the four essays I wrote about the seasons, the editors wanted to include “Spring” and “Summer,” but I felt that they […]



One of the essays I wrote for the Staten Island book not included in the printed edition.  And appropriate for the month of April – when we have gorgeous days like today, it is enough for me. The edition of the Staten Island book is very nearly sold out.  Now is the time to order […]

Interview with the University Bookman.


I get interviewed by the University Bookman about the Staten Island book, Thoreau in the City, and the “go live where you are” principle.

More Crumpled Press Press.


A nice little piece by Susannah Black about the Crumpled Press, publisher of the Staten Island book.  “Trading efficiency for loveliness.”

P.S. 22, Staten Island.


An article with a great video segment about P.S. 22 on Staten Island, which is sending its 5th grade choir to the Oscars this year.  Precisely the kind of teacher and class which business-minded school administrators are constantly targeting for elimination, in their quest for reading and math scores.

Winter on Staten Island.


The Staten Island book is a selection of the many essays I wrote about Staten Island life while living there.  Not all could be fit into the scope of the published book.  The following one, “Winter,” is one of four essays on the seasons; Autumn is found here. WINTER Who never ate his bread in […]

New York Harbor, from the Staten Island Ferry.


Invitation to Crumpled Press 5th Anniversary Party.


On Saturday December 4th the Crumpled Press will be celebrating its first five years with a party at Cabinet Magazine’s space in Brooklyn.  Tony Grafton will be talking, I’ll be reading, and Regina Granne will be exhibiting.  Polymath D. Graham Burnett will be moderating.  There will be music by the Matt Panayides group.  There will […]

Staten Island’s turkeys.


Staten Island’s wild turkey population came up in the news again recently, and Gothamist posted about it, using a photo of mine that captures the phenomenon perfectly: wild turkeys stalking through a complete suburban landscape.  It amazes me continually how unique Staten Island is as a part of New York City – the subject of […]