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Monthly Archives: January 2009

The size of Georgia.


      I noted in an earlier post that Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi – I had heard that who knows when, on one of my trips around the country – but the more I thought about it, the less likely it seemed, so I had to check it again.  Larger than […]

Jesus of Nazareth would love this one…


Protestantism is apparently alive and well in rural Georgia… (In background: Main Square and Courthouse, Preston, GA.)

Geology is destiny.


      I drove out of Atlanta this morning.  The Atlanta suburbs peter out around the latitude of Fayetteville, twenty-five miles to the south, although there are scattered housing developments among the pine trees for another fifteen miles.  Around Zebulon I was in the countryside; there were scattered farms and fields.  But for the most part I found […]

Dispatch from Atlanta.


      I’ve had plenty to write about in the past few days, but not enough time to do it.  In Atlanta I visited the Martin Luther King birth house and Stone Mountain, which I conceived of as opposites but shared more than I might have thought.  And lots of other things happening elsewhere in my […]

I feel as if I’ve entered another universe…


… where daffodils spring up in January. Photo: backyard daffodils in Lawrenceville, Georgia, January 2009.

Obama and the Constitution.


I have to find myself agreeing with all that is below, from Andrew Sullivan’s blog (mostly written by one of his readers): A reader writes: Scott Horton is right. My feeling is that Obama’s opening days have gone better than I had any right to expect. Obama has been many things in his life, but […]

A more perfect union.


      Passing through Spartanburg (S.C.), I stopped at a laundromat on the east side of town.  There were four people there, and curiously enough, all four of us were youngish men, doing the laundry on a weekday afternoon.  The other three men were all black.  We started talking, but I literally could not understand the accent of […]

6 days, 500 miles, and 4 degrees of latitude later…


And a pickup-truck load of snow arrives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Hierarchy and leadership.


      Reading over some of Peggy Noonan’s pieces from the past several years on Barack Obama, I felt that I was seeing an old political operative finally seeing that there can be something real in politics.  When you look at a year or more’s worth of pieces from her, you see her coming to an appreciation of the […]



I think we are just beginning to see just how transformative Barack Obama’s election has been for the psyche of this country.  Already he is an icon (and I mean that in the fullest sense).  He is unleashing something that has been dammed up in this country for a long time. Photo: mailbox in Bethesda, […]