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On the Feast of Stephen.


My bike trip this past spring brought me through Nauvoo, Illinois, a Mormon town. It is a tourist town, and a pleasant place, with the prosperity and wholesomeness once thought proper to all rural America but now almost the exclusive property of the Mormons. The lawns are crisply mowed, families walk blithely down the streets […]

Scholarly Orthodoxy.


I found this on Andrew Sullivan’s blog today, and thought it was worth commenting on: The truths of this book that only the neurotic or defensive Christian will deny are the following: Jesus was not the only first-century figure who was deemed to have a virgin birth, martyrdom and resurrection. In fact, these were quite […]

I Love My Friends.


A friend of mine is an artist – both painter and sculptor, he fashioned a bust of Henry David Thoreau for me which sits on my mantle – and he told me he wanted to build a chapel on my property.  I suspect that the term “chapel” is just a way of getting me to […]

Jesus and the Second Amendment.


Andrew Sullivan has a very short and sharp rebuff of a National Review piece which claims that God supports individual gun ownership, as part of a “Biblical” right to self-defense.  In general, I hate the word “Biblical,” because it implies a simplicity which only ignorance can accept uncritically; the first Christians recognized many holy “books” […]

Wealth, Christ, Romney, Mormonism, and the 47 Percent the President Shouldn’t Be Caring About.


Sometimes I do think that Christianity’s preaching of poverty is a vice, which has broken people like me – that I will never be right, never be happy, never know what is is to be loved or to enjoy human life, because I have been exposed to the message of Christ.  I look on Protestantism […]

After Reining in Nuns, Vatican Sets Its Sights on Jesus of Nazareth


TUCSON, ARIZONA – In a move long called for by religious conservatives, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has ordered Jesus of Nazareth, titular founder of Christianity and Son of God, to reform his statutes, programs and affiliations to conform more closely to “the teachings and discipline of the Church.” The Vatican […]

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”


I have heard this line bandied about as proof that Jesus died feeling betrayed by God – which, I will admit, is a possible interpretation, though intriguingly this saying is reported by two men – “Matthew” and “Mark,” whoever they were – who obviously thought Jesus was the Messiah and Son of God and not […]

The Odd Meandering of the Word “Religion.”

29-Jan-12 Language changes, and words take on new meanings in time, but this is an example of a meaning-shift a bit bewildering to me.  I’ve seen it enough so I should be fine with it; but the word “religion” is being used to mean “everything I dislike about religion” or “bad religion.”  Here in this […]

Intercessionary Prayer.


It’s not news to note that Jesus attempted to realign human religion – typically some kind of combination of fear and self-praise – but human religion has managed to continue mostly unfazed by his critique.  But occasionally the divergence still amazes me.  Intercessionary prayer is one of those things.  I hear Christians talking about “praying […]

Actors, Pretenders.


I used to be very into the Christian concept of “polyglossia” – that the Gospel is translatable and works well in any language – in contrast, say, to the Islamic idea that God really can only express himself the way he really wants in one language.  But recently I’ve been more intrigued by the things […]