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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Problem & the Contradiction.


A nice little meditation in the Guardian about a phenomenon we’ve all observed: that people who are comfortable, rational, and thoughtful find themselves somehow above religion – sometimes proudly above it, sometimes wistfully – whereas people who are poor and suffering find religion central to their lives. Takeesha and the other homeless addicts are brutalized […]

The Game by Neil Strauss.


Generally if a book recurs in conversation time and again for years, I get around to reading it. As a single person who has never had any particular desire to be single, dating is a common theme of discussion, and one of the standard variants of that discussion occurs when I speak with my some […]

Me & My Little Cabin vs. The Winter Nights.


Working, working, working.  Not home much except at night.  But it’s been amazing.  More than a foot of snow on the ground.

Keeping Warm.


My little woodstove, keeping me warm as the snow flies.  When I put maple in – which burns hot – in sufficient quantities, the cast-iron stove glows pink.      

Kate Ver Ploeg.


A few years ago when I was living in New Orleans a friend told me she had someone I just had to meet, a friend of hers who would be passing through the city for that single night, Kate Ver Ploeg.  The next morning she was setting off to bike from New Orleans to the […]

A Visit to the Ulster County Planning Board.


On Wednesday I drove directly from work to Kingston (with a stop, of course, at the excellent Benny’s Pizzeria in Stone Ridge).  I arrived a bit early and walked around the streets, which was pleasant: the town is quiet but beautiful, a place I have long loved.  Sometime after seven o’clock I went to the […]

Returning to the Mountains.


After Thanksgiving at my mother’s house I spent a few days in the city.  They were fine days – I saw a stream of friends, went to the New York Public Library, saw a former student (who has become a teacher himself), and spent probably ten hours playing with young nieces, nephews, or cousins.  (I […]

Catskill Plant Nerds Unite.


Letter to the Ulster County Planning Board.


The Ulster County Planning Board has its meeting to review the wind turbine here in Denning on Wednesday the 4th.  I expect to attend.  The online petition opposing the turbine, to be built inside the “forever wild” Catskill State Park, is here.  Emails for people on the UCPB are, and  I wrote the […]