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More from the Peg-legged Transmissionist.


I forgot this one: when I gave Troy the maple syrup, he said: “Sez hee-ir ‘Cape refrigerated.’  Gotta do that, huh?” “Only after you’ve opened it.  It’s fine now.  But if you open it, yes, put it in the fridge.” “Whaz that?” “You know, it’s sugar, so something will eat it… mould, bacteria, something.” “Thayre’s […]

More Disasters.


I had prepared for this moment for days, by going to the ATM machine bit by bit: my account does not let me draw more than five hundred dollars out on any day, and I don’t have a credit card, so for large expenditures like this I have to pay cash and draw the account […]

In the Footsteps of Clay.


The next dawn came and I was still stuck in Lexington. I had arrived on Monday, and now it was Thursday.  I asked if there was a problem. “Salways trouble with these Foward Rangers. It takes forayver to blade ‘em out. Say, whayn you chenge a clutch you gotta blade ‘em, to get the bubbles […]

The Berry Center, New Castle, Kentucky.


We followed the road, US 421, which was narrower, with more twists and turns, than any other federal highway I had ever seen, more a byway than highway. We followed a creekbed and got off the rolling hills into relatively flat country. We were in northern Kentucky, and it was beginning to look, as it […]

Into Rural Kentucky.


Wednesday had been appointed as the departure date from Lexington: Catherine would be starting Easter break, and she could then drive me down to the Gulf and leave me there with my bike.  But Catherine got off work and the truck was not yet ready.  I had come up with an alternative plan: we would […]

The Next Disaster – John Goes to the Chiropractor.


When I had first pulled into the transmission place in Lexington, I will confess that I felt a thrill of Providential Comfort, the sense we have from time to time that our decisions are being guided by a benevolent Power, and may be settled into with confidence.  Whether this is truly an inkling of divine […]

Lexington, Kentucky.


I had been to Lexington once before, when in high school.  The university is home to something called the “Tournament of Champions,” which is something like the World Series of Poker for high school debate geeks.  Nevertheless I really did not know what to expect from Lexington.  I remember liking a song in high school […]

From Winter Into Spring.


Lexington, Kentucky.

Troy the Pegleg Transmissionist of Lexington.


I pulled into the transmission place.  A young man with gentle eyes and a baseball cap covering a curly mullet was behind the counter: I liked him immediately.  I told him the honest story: I was coming down from the Catskills in New York; had lost the clutch on the truck; it had 265,000 miles […]

The Beginning of the Disasters.


Lexington, Kentucky gaped out its windows on the 15th of April at the half-inch of snow which had fallen in the night.  The crab-apple blossoms and cars had lost their colors in the white and gray. I sighed.  I had brought the winter down with me.  Yesterday the girls were all walking around in short […]