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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Ecce Homo.


Christian Zollers finds this lovely sign and comments: “Finally, milk that we KNOW is safe for Homophobes.”

The Woodstock Shakespeare Festival.


‘Tis the final weekend for the Woodstock Shakespeare Festival. I presume I’ll find my way there this coming weekend.  The festival is a complete delight, with free admission (donation suggested), no seating (bring a blanket and picnic), and amateur Shakespeare done with zest.  The productions have been anchored for many years now by the actor […]

Dead Porcupine.


Multa novit vulpes, ericius unum magnum.   “The fox knows many tricks, the porcupine one good one.”  Unfortunately it didn’t work this time for him.  I don’t know how he died, but he certainly did get eaten – there was nothing left but a few large vertebrae, some hair, and the quills.  I was surprised at […]

Actors, Pretenders.


I used to be very into the Christian concept of “polyglossia” – that the Gospel is translatable and works well in any language – in contrast, say, to the Islamic idea that God really can only express himself the way he really wants in one language.  But recently I’ve been more intrigued by the things […]

Two Pieces in Gothamist.


Two pieces I penned for Gothamist.

Helen Luke’s Way of Discrimination.


“Seems, madame? Nay it is; I know not seems.” – Hamlet Helen Luke is not one of the easier writers to write about. She appeared as a guide in my life when I began to feel the difference between exterior and interior, fact and meaning, appearance and reality. These distinctions are not for everyone nor […]

The Mystery of Time Continuing.


I was awoken this morning at four a.m. by the howls of coyotes in the woods just on the other side of the field.  They continued for some time and were answered by calls from the distant hilltops.  I’m not certain why coyotes thus make their presence known across vast distances, but I suppose it […]

Patterns in nature.


The holes made by a woodpecker in a yellow birch.  As I’ve had some trees taken down recently, I’ve gotten to see the footprints of life made in the canopy.  These holes were about 40 feet high on the tree.

The Brothers K.


Even though I love the book, this made me laugh out loud. Especially the bit about Aleksey and Alyosha.

Subway Kerfuffle, Update One. The Endless Perils of Inadvertence.


Being in West Virginia at the time of my appointed court date, and confident I could put my case in writing, and certain that I would lose it, I opted for the “hearing by mail” option on my subway ticket.  I got it postmarked by July 10th, which I thought was enough time to make […]