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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The World’s Coolest Movie Theater.


So who knew that the world’s coolest movie theater was in Jamaica, Queens?  All its detailing is preserved too.  Pretty amazing.  It’s now a church, and by a curious but understandable law preventing the state from landmarking church interiors it is not a landmark.

Jesus and the Second Amendment.


Andrew Sullivan has a very short and sharp rebuff of a National Review piece which claims that God supports individual gun ownership, as part of a “Biblical” right to self-defense.  In general, I hate the word “Biblical,” because it implies a simplicity which only ignorance can accept uncritically; the first Christians recognized many holy “books” […]

Cold Spell.


34 degrees inside the cabin when I got up this morning. Don’t know how cold it was outside because it was colder than the thermometer’s range – it just said “LO”. Somewhere below zero. I had to defrost a block of mozzarella yesterday just to eat it – despite keeping it indoors. I thought about […]

“We Flavor Kids’ Medicines.”


The S&M Pharmacy.  I really do love Queens.  On Main Street, Kew Gardens Hills.  Full name is Shalom and Mecheieh Pharmacy.

We Need a Catholic Onion.


To deal with realities like this.  It’s old, but perennial.  Kind of Catholic in that way. Why the hell is the Pope making knights anyway?  Yet another relic, like the fact that they have their own country and put gold on everything, of the fact that for a long long time they were not fishers […]

Jon Talton.


This guy is well worth reading.  This is an older piece, but he’s still got zip and actual insight.  He’s looking at the large issues and not just whatever the hell the head-chimps are tweeting.

Trillion-dollar coins, Monetary Policy, Andrew Jackson, Tertullian, and an Actual Solution to this Mess.


I found myself laughing at the trillion-dollar coin idea today – someone had told me about it, and like any sane person I dismissed it as some kind of odd viral silliness – but I read up on it in the Atlantic and had a good chuckle or two.  Credo quia absurdum.  Basically this is […]



I don’t wish to waste many words on Lincoln, the execrable mediocrity currently on offer from Fox. Sibelius once complained that people compared his music to Tchaikovsky’s: “I cannot understand why my symphonies are so often compared with Tchaikovsky’s. His symphonies are very human, but they represent the soft parts of human nature. Mine are […]

Apologia Pro Carolo Gustavo Jung.


There are some rules in the intellectual world which are pretty reliable for detecting bloviating stupidity, or blathering solipsism (or however you want to render b.s.), and one of them is this: if someone launches a five-thousand word attack on a noted author, and never once quotes a single line from the voluminous works of […]

The God of Happiness.


There is an essay about this topic, and Dostoevsky its prophet: “For we are made for happiness, and any one who is completely happy has a right to say to himself, ‘I am doing God’s will on earth.’ All the righteous, all the saints, all the holy martyrs were happy.”