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Campaigning for Obama in Ohio.


For a long time I was not sure if I would campaign for Obama this year. I was fairly complacent about the election; Romney was, I thought, a terrible candidate, and the Republicans had no ideas beyond giving further government assistance to an utterly unworthy investor class, which I felt could hardly be a winner […]

America, Obama, and D.W. Griffiths.


Driving back from campaigning in Ohio, I passed by an intriguing sign. It said, “America or Obama: You Can’t Have Both.” Now it seemed to me we have had both for four years now; and that America was about the same it was when he took office. Having both had proven easy enough, in fact. […]

Just Being Part of It.


Walking around in some of the black neighborhoods of Cleveland I find myself thinking of this Crowded House song: I’m not lying – Or asking for anything – I just want to be there. Doing this kind of work – knocking on doors, most of which don’t get answered – you don’t feel terribly important. […]

Persecution, Martyrdom, and the Wholeness of the Self.


In monotheistic folklore – meaning the folktales of Christians and Muslims, and I bet in Talmudic Judaism as well, though I have not seen it for myself – there is a persistent theme of a powerful king persecuting a good, peaceful believer. Among the Christians the persecutors are typically Nero and Diocletian, and their victims […]

Catskills Political Commentary.


Since I showed a picture of my own empty chair, I thought maybe I’d include another empty chair.  From the Rondout Valley, just outside the big state prisons north of Ellenville:

Old-Time Stumpworming.


I highly recommend watching the Bill Clinton Democratic Convention speech (video with transcript here) – it is one of the most impressively American speeches I have ever seen – thoroughly and completely in the American tradition of political oratory, folky, homespun, pragmatism and idealism seamlessly blended, wandering, an afternoon’s entertainment in a sleepy little town, […]

Good Lord, Obama is Going To Destroy This Man.


I was surprised to see Obama come out for gay marriage – it’s a long-term winning issue, but in the short term it’s risky, and I don’t associate Obama with risk.  But then a day later as if on cue out comes the dirt on Romney – that he teased gay students in his high school […]

Trying to Keep a Straight Face.


Some classic Greenwald cynicism: UPDATE: White House spokesman Jay Carney previewed President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight as follows: “The State of the Union will be . . .  about the central mission that we have as a country and his focus as president: Building a country and an economy where we reward […]

Responsibility to Prosecute.


Sullivan confesses that “Greenwald has a point” – that one of the reasons why so many Republican presidential candidates support waterboarding is because there are no repercussions for it.  It is just another tactic in a game to them.  I’m sure that waterboarding a dog would land any of them in jail, a la Michael […]

How odd, the way things turn out.


Seeing the picture below make the rounds on the internet, I was struck by the fact that Obama has been the president George Bush should have been: steady, stable, conservative, tepid, showing all the stability of someone immersed in the system, effective on foreign policy and not screwing up anything notably.  There are people saying […]