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Profile of Henry Romp in Gothamist.


Another one of the treeseller pieces I wrote for Gothamist.

New York City’s Christmas Tree Vendors.


The first of five pieces I wrote for Gothamist on NYC Christmas tree sellers went up today… if you have stories or tips send them my way, as I’ll keep tinkering with the later pieces as the season progresses.

Staten Island’s turkeys.


Staten Island’s wild turkey population came up in the news again recently, and Gothamist posted about it, using a photo of mine that captures the phenomenon perfectly: wild turkeys stalking through a complete suburban landscape.  It amazes me continually how unique Staten Island is as a part of New York City – the subject of […]

Suzanne Vega interview for Gothamist.


Had to happen, I suppose, that the man who took up wearing “I (Heart) SV” shirts in 2009 should get the opportunity to interview her in 2010.  If you’ve spoken to me recently you know that the interview did not go nearly as smoothly as I wanted.  But it’s up now and you can take […]

The Gothamist Pieces.


I’m lazy of course and only recently learned how to get all these posts in one place, but here is the complete set.  You have to click “view remaining entries” to get them all.

Viral Fish.


I heard from a friend that the story I penned for Gothamist about the Great Fish of Richmond Hill still had some legs and was getting traffic, and since I doubted this traffic was coming solely from Gothamist, I decided to fish around the internet and see where the story had gone.  Sure enough, if […]

New Jersey Nyets


I’ve long been an admirer of the linguistic wit of tabloid headline writers, the alliteration, the monikers, the brevity, the improbable juxtapositions.  So I was happy to get a chance to try my hand while at Gothamist.  And it seems I’ve done it: I made what will be a lasting (i.e., a few months) contribution […]

Headed into the City…


… to write for Gothamist for a week.  Give us a visit.

Two Pieces in Gothamist.


Two pieces I penned for Gothamist.

Subway Kerfuffle.


Now that the Gothamist traffic has moved on through, for those unfamiliar with the whole story, let me offer the links to sum up the funny little kerfuffle that blew through here a few weeks ago. The Gothamist story: Other links to the story: