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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Astonishing Snowfall.


I couldn’t tell you how much snow has fallen here in the past week.  Tuesday I shoveled more than a foot of fresh snow off my porch; from Thursday to Saturday I shoveled four times, 12 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 5 inches.  There was already about a foot on the ground.  But the […]

It’s the Cockatoo that makes this a Louisiana Story…


The Constitution may be suspended, to deter terrorism.


We just can’t let lawyers do this to the Constitution.  Where’s Jay Sekulow?  He’s apparently busy complaining about the fact that the White House is involved in the legislative process – in violation of Article 2 of the Constitution, which gives legislative powers to the Congress.  About as fruitful as complaining that constituents are writing […]

Colin Powell.


Is there any way Mr. Obama can hire this guy in some capacity?  How about press secretary?  So sensible, such auctoritas.  He should just keep on talking. A friend of mine with “national security connections” said that the whole national security apparatus was refusing to serve Obama and was refusing to provide intelligence: the CIA, […]

Winter and Rough Weather.


Wow.  It just keeps snowing here.  It’s been snowing all day, wet snow, blizzard conditions, the whole thing.  At least eight inches, but who knows how much there really is, and no sign of stopping either.  I was planning on heading to the library today for some intellectual nourishment, but that has been postponed.  I […]

Andrew Sullivan for Lent.


I meditated on this piece by Sullivan all day yesterday.  A friend called it the best thing he’s ever written.  I don’t know what to do about it all, but I’ll start with two things: never presuming we are better than any other dictator or government we think we can topple or replace; trying to […]

Ash Wednesday.


Lent begins.  In the town of Liberty for the observance.  “In Libertatem vocati estis, fratres.”  Discipline, discipline, discipline.

“Metrobius the Impersonator of Women”


The associates of Sulla, from Plutarch: “He kept company with actresses, musicians, and dancers, drinking with them on couches night and day.  His chief favorites were Roscius the Player, Sorex the Arch Mime, and Metrobius the Impersonator of Women, for whom, though past his prime, he continued to be passionately fond up to the last, […]

Uncle John’s Cabin.


February at the cabin.  Every bit as cold as it looks.

American Exceptionalism.


When you hear people say all over the world, “Bin Laden was the first terrorist… Bush was the second terrorist,” this is what they mean.  If our elected leaders do not want to abide by the Geneva Convention, they should pull out of it.  If they want to torture American citizens they should write new […]