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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Golden Spruce and our Forests.


A friend recently lent me a book and I repaid him by reading it. The book, The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, is about an unusual Sitka spruce, several hundred years old, which had golden needles in place of the usual green ones. Golden foliage is an odd but regularly occurring plant mutation, highly prized […]

Spring Comes to Wildcat Mountain.


Work has started at the nursery, and between manual labor there and manual labor at the cabin I’ve had a very full and generally lovely past week.  Down in the Hudson Valley and in New York it has gotten quite warm, while here spring is just finally arriving.  The snow almost all melted today: the […]

Vehicular Mystery Solved.


On my trip out to Michigan, I had some worries about my pickup truck.  I typically get around 25 miles per gallon on good highway driving across the Midwest – flat, fast-driving country.  On this trip however I was heading in to the gas station for another 17 gallons when my trip odometer read 260 […]

New York, New York…


From a friend who refuses to get a blog: New York City tells it like it is. While walking out of Grand Central I saw a large woman fall in the middle of the road. One of her shoes (possibly the cause of her fall) was a few feet away. A man rushed to her […]

Easter 2013 and New Hope.


I went to Easter Mass at the church of Saint Francis Xavier in Brooklyn, a pretty church in Park Slope which does not, despite its name, appear to have any formal connection with the Jesuits. Some years ago it might have been difficult for me to feel the joy the holiday seemingly required – often […]

Our Lady of Loreto on Easter Sunday.


Saint Paul on the facade of Our Lady of Loreto church in East New York, Brooklyn.  The church, designed by Paterson sculptor Federico Gaetani and one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque architecture in New York, has been shuttered by the diocese of Brooklyn.

A Visit to the Jehovah’s Witnesses World Headquarters, Brooklyn Heights.


Last month, after having lunch with a friend in Dumbo, I decided spontaneously to take a tour of the Watchtower buildings – the Jehovah’s Witnesses World Headquarters in Brooklyn Heights. It’s one of the things you grow up with in New York City – you tell the time and the temperature by it whenever you’re […]