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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Last Day in Tucson, and First Day on the Road.


My last full day in Tucson was a Sunday, and the visit of a friend gave me a perfect opportunity to visit San Xavier del Bac one more time.  I hope to write a bit more about this extraordinary church, which to my mind is the most extraordinary building and artwork in Arizona.  After mass […]

On the Road.


El Capitan, Arizona.  The gateway to Monument Valley.

End of days in Tucson.


One more teaching day left.  Heading back east very soon.  I can’t wait to get back to my cabin.

City of Santa Fe.


San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe.

The Richness of Human Life.


Two fifth grade students finished their tests later than the rest of the class and as a result their tests ended up in a different pile from everyone else’s, and when I got to grading them I figured I would skip the scantron – it was only two tests – and grade them by hand. […]

Good Lord, Obama is Going To Destroy This Man.


I was surprised to see Obama come out for gay marriage – it’s a long-term winning issue, but in the short term it’s risky, and I don’t associate Obama with risk.  But then a day later as if on cue out comes the dirt on Romney – that he teased gay students in his high school […]



Catskill photographer Les Stone has started turning his camera on fracking in Pennsylvania so we know exactly what we’re talking about.  I’m sympathetic to the argument that if we consume energy we had better share the burden of producing it.  But destroying groundwater – forever – is always going to be just about the least […]

Christopher Page.


It is very easy to be impressed by Christopher Page.  For those with some sense of what they’re looking at, his “Reasons Not to Read the Old Testament” are astonishing.  And he’s thoughtful and Christian everywhere.

Grafton and the Colleges.


A good read.  The next thing we need is someone to analyze the budgets of these colleges to figure out just what is meant by the political phrase “the rising cost of college.”  It’s not getting more expensive to hire teachers.

The Missions.


Last weekend I visited the abandoned mission of Tumacacori after attending mass at the flourishing one of San Xavier del Bac.  I also watched the excellent Robert Bolt-written movie The Mission, which takes as its theme the political difficulties of the Jesuits which led to their dissolution by the pope in 1773.  The entire theme […]