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Best of

Since there’s been so much posted up here over the past few years, I thought I’d put up some of my favorite pieces, in general categories.

Writings on the inner life.  These are my favorites.  Try “Solitude and Meeting,” “The Two Islams and the Two Christianities,” “Error, Reality, and Religion,” and “Abraham Our Father in Faith.”  For something more deeply personal, try “Fathers, Sons, Forgiveness, Punishment, Christianity, and Islam.

Living With Nature.  In general, you can’t go wrong with tracking bears, unless the bear breaks into your cabin later.

I do some travelling as well, and the essay on Carthage, Illinois – where Joseph Smith died – has been called “the best post on the site.”

And of course there’s the post that started it all, the Gothamist take on my run-in with the NYC police.