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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Saint Charles Gray of Eugene.


One of my all-time favorite people and one of the people whose example I continually return to in my thoughts – a saint indeed.  He came up in a conversation with a friend about Occupy Wall Street, so I post this fine little obituary.  I thought I had posted it before at some point, but […]

Sarah Womer, Ecopreneur.


A friend in the area getting press for her work recycling electronic waste.  I love it, love it, love it.  Someone actually getting something done.  We need to do something similar in the town of Denning.



End of tomato season.


My tomatoes performed well this year, producing fruit through October.  Other growers had problems with some kind of late-season blight, which I think I avoided because I am so isolated from other growers.  But diseases of this sort get harder to avoid the longer you grow things.  I move my plants to new soil every […]



Snowy days and evenings are perfect for reading and writing, but still you feel that some kind of manual occupation is necessary; so after cleaning and organizing my kitchen area a bit, I put a big basket of black walnuts in front of the wood stove and began husking.  Like all true nuts walnuts come […]

Wendell Berry on why I live the way I do.


“However destructive may be the policies of the government and the methods and products of the corporations, the root of the problem is always to be found in private life. We must learn to see that every problem that concerns us as conservationists always leads straight to the question of how we live. The world […]

How odd, the way things turn out.


Seeing the picture below make the rounds on the internet, I was struck by the fact that Obama has been the president George Bush should have been: steady, stable, conservative, tepid, showing all the stability of someone immersed in the system, effective on foreign policy and not screwing up anything notably.  There are people saying […]

“This is the source of our problem: our leaders, our institutions.”


A decent piece – it gets better as you go along – on the growing inequality in America that has made politicians rich paid servants of the rich.  And indirectly a rebuke of Obama, who has no obvious relevance to this problem at all. Between 1979 and 2006, middle-class Americans saw their annual incomes after […]

Snow Indeed.




We’re supposed to have snow tonight.  Probably nothing like the 16″ we got on October 28th three years ago, but we’ll see.