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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Synchronicity – the Acausal Connecting Principle.


I remember while studying Thoreau in depth, I got a terrible desire to listen to Don Henley music, for no apparent reason.  I went out and bought his greatest hits album, in which it stated that he was giving a portion of the proceeds to the Walden Woods Project, to save the woods around Walden […]

Carl Jung.


“My whole being was seeking for something still unknown which might confer meaning upon the banality of life.” – Carl Jung An old paperback I possess advertises its author thus: “Doctor and scientist, visionary and thinker, Carl Jung ranks with Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud as one of the great minds of the twentieth century.”  […]



Spring has slid into summer here.  Incredible.

The Book.


You can pre-order the Staten Island book now.  I am excited by it; it looks to be a thing of beauty.  The illustrations by Lesley Chen are extraordinary.  I’m told I’ve pre-sold three copies, thereby exceeding all expectations. Selling books reminds me of Thoreau’s printing of a thousand copies of his first book – which […]



Northeastern woods are pretty familiar and do not harbor a great number of the world’s bizarre creatures.  And you feel that anything you experience you’ll have an explanation for.  But occasionally I encounter a phenomenon I really do not understand. The past few nights – and occasionally during the day – the woods have been […]

Update from the Woods.


Summer is just about here; the entire forest is dark brown and green, fertility promised and fertility delivered.  The green awakens some kind of unknowable desire – I can walk through the woods and stop and stare at the leaves glowing green, utterly confounded as to what I am. Lots of writing and lots of […]

No Free Lunch.


A very nice feature in the New York Times on the evolution of glyphosphate-resistant weeds; they have six authorities giving their opinion on what to do as a response, including Michael Pollan.  Glyphosphate (Roundup) is made by Monsanto, as are a special series of genetically modified crops called Roundup Ready crops, engineered to be glyphosphate-resistant, […]

The Deeper Meaning of Parenting.


One of the questions that has most been with me the past two years is this: If I had a son or daughter, would I have anything to really teach them?  Would I have gathered from my years on earth some kind of life-wisdom to pass on to them?  Or would all my knowledge be […]

As Pure Story…


… the world is very satisfactory.  It is merely the fact that it is real that makes it so hard to swallow.

An Academic Gold Standard.


From time to time in literature, direct references are made to money.  It might be a sesterce or a half-a-crown, a dinar or a livre.  Having a sense of the value of these foreign amounts has always been difficult.  For this reason, old Greek and Latin textbooks would translate the amounts into modern dollar equivalents.  […]