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Mardi Gras Overall.


As a general rule, I found the Mardi Gras events to be a continual crescendo of size and diminuendo of intensity.  “Extension is the complement of soul,” I believe is the relevant apothegm (if you keep on saying it to yourself enough over a period of years you will feel how much truth is in […]

Mardi Gras Out of Context – 3.


In the French Quarter, I saw a man standing at an intersection with a sign saying, GOD IS NOT FAIR.  A man came up to him and asked him if he was with the Jesus people a few steps from him.  And I thought to myself, “That is a great theological question.  That is precisely […]

Fat Tuesday.


On Tuesday I got up at six-thirty, hopped in the shower, and met my Corps engineer friend right outside my house.  We rode our bikes downtown. Getting around was difficult.  We attempted to take Claiborne Avenue, a major street running almost directly downtown from Carrollton, but its shoulder was filled with sand, gravel, and broken […]

Lundi Gras.


After a weekend where everyone is off from work and partying, Lundi Gras is a lull.  Most businesses are open, and there is opportunity to get practical things done.  Johnny Angel and myself went to do laundry, and found the laundromat quite busy – the busiest I’ve ever seen the place, all the driers being […]

Mardi Gras Out of Context – 2.


The Sunday Before Mardi Gras.


Sunday morning saw me biking to a lovely house on Henry Clay Avenue in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.  It was the house of the parents of a Princeton friend (the same from the previous night at the Columns).  The Krewe of Thoth, scheduled to start sometime between 11 and 12, lined […]

The Krewe of Endymion.


By Samedi Gras I was exhausted by new experiences, so I puttered around the house a bit, worked in the garden, and “made groceries.”  In the supermarket I saw one of the downsides of Mardi Gras – people running around buying things, wanting to make sure they got to the parades on time or had […]

Ashes to Ashes.


The exuviae of Mardi Gras.  And Lent begins.

From Krewe D’Etat.


The joys of living in New Orleans.  If you have a mortgage, you need flood insurance – which in certain areas is like another mortgage.  Plus high taxes.  And no jobs either. And the famous water and sewer board, where nothing gets done.  New Orleans water is famously filled with all of middle-America’s effluent.  Certain […]

The Mystic Krewe of Hermes.


I was astonished on Friday night by the floats of the “Mystic Krewe of Hermes,” a krewe which prides itself on its traditional, secret, and indeed hermetic ways.  The parade was dubbed “The Retinue of Dionysus,” but I expected mythology from the parade about as much as I would expect a presentation on the Homeric […]