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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Chapman’s Peak Drive.


Driving along the Atlantic to Cape Town we had to take Chapman’s Peak Road, an incredible road blasted into the sea-cliffs.  The cliffs are sheer and the road shows the greatest engineering ingenuity, its route climbing up several hundred feet above the sea to exploit the seam between two rock formations, being hacked into a […]

Native Plant Nurseries in Africa.


June 24th. Following the Cape up to Cape Town, we came across Good Hope Nursery, “specialist in indigenous plants.” I screeched to a halt and backed up. Though we were arriving almost exactly at closing time, I got one of the workers there to give me a brief tour of the place, as I wanted […]

The Shores of Africa.


Baboons on the Beach.


The Chacma baboon is unusual in that it has adapted to life on the beach, eating shellfish and often living by the sea.  And here are their tracks!

The Cape of Good Hope.


June 24th. I’m not sure what makes some people – like myself – so curious about certain spots on the map. Other people are not so.  On my first trip to Europe I took a ferry from France to Ireland, and Land’s End was visible from the boat, and I just stared and stared at […]

The Cape.


June 23rd. We inteded to go today to Kirstenbosch, the famed botanical gardens, but failed to get there. We drove down to the Cape of Good Hope, which we thought would be a quick trip, but it was so spectacular and amazing we spent the whole day there, and then drove directly from there to […]



June 22nd. Another difficult time finding lodging in the dark – apparently this whole area typically is without power every evening. We wanted to be in Simon’s Town, the town furthest out on the Cape of Good Hope, but everything appeared closed, and the place we had in our guidebook was not answering the phone. […]

Route 62.


June 22nd. On Route 62. It is consistently spectacular. Green fields stretching to mountains, sheep and vineyards and olives and everything else, almost all the available flat land converted to agriculture. It looks like a more spectacular, more varied version of Europe, or a greener, sharper version of California. Marine mists everywhere – in fact […]

In the Republic of Swellendam.


June 22nd. The tourism guide to the region notes that Swellendam revolted from Dutch Rule in 1795, declaring itself a Republic after the French and American style and the “capital of the world.” Four years later the British navy sailed in and put an end to the Republic.

In the Cape Floral Province.


Saw these aloes on the side of the road and had to hop out and have a look.  Amazing!  We’ve come into the Cape Floral Kingdom.