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First 20 Gallons of Apples.


I’ve started harvesting the apples.  I’m got some neighbors who don’t gather the apples, and they’ve given me permission to harvest.  These apples look green, but are actually quite ripe – even quite sweet.  The plan is to make apple butter this year in great quantities.

Wildcat Woodstacking.


Down in the upper 30s at night.  Beautiful, early autumnal weather.  Time to stack up the wood for the winter.

Crystal Days.


The weather cleared last night, and the air has turned to crystal.  The stars early this morning were astonishing.  And I have my stove going now.  It amazes me how every new season makes me feel that this is the season – that I wasn’t really at the cabin, that I didn’t really know pleasure, […]

Solitude and Autumn.


Fall is mostly done in the high mountains.  The woods are mostly bare and your eye pierces right through them to the mountains beyond.  And it has gotten very quiet. Last night, in one of my contentedly melancholy moods, I found myself singing this contentedly melancholy song, and I stepped out onto the porch to […]

Fall Peaks.


Hiked in the pouring rain Monday, and was amply rewarded in the spells when the rain paused.

Fall Arrives.


Peak color this weekend in the Central Catskills.  Next weekend at the lower elevations, I think.  Slightly earlier this year than last year, as it seems.

Fading Color.


This is from late October.  By now all the leaves are gone.



Fall Photos.


A photo album I put on Facebook, of fall in the Catskills.

Color and cold.


Bitterly cold, and snowing today to boot.  Six inches are expected – but we’ll see, the predictions are often inaccurate.  The water in my buckets froze, in ways I found most beautiful and intriguing.