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Monthly Archives: May 2016

In Rome Again.


Memory is fickle: inaccessible when we need it, so ready to hand when it is redundant. Here we were, in Rome, and now, for the first time since I was gone, I could remember it all. The espresso bars opening onto the streets, the pairs of professional women making comments as they walked down the […]

Will Rome Still Be Rome?


We expected trouble when we boarded the plane with our four-month-old twins. It was their first flight, a nine-hour transatlantic redeye to Rome. It seemed so obvious that it would be a miserable trip that my boss had given us a travel gift: a pair of talismans with a glass depiction of an eye, to […]

The View From My Window.


It’s been 8 years since I was last in Europe; time for a revisit. ┬áThis summer we are spending in Rome, working for the Paideia Institute, and toting around our two five-month-olds. ┬áRome is a city I know well, and it’s full of ghosts; some are mine, and some belong to us all.