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Bear Tracks in the Snow.


Someone is awake and hasn’t eaten in a month and a half…

Death in the Woods.


On Sunday, I was sitting in a chair outside in front of my house, enjoying the evening. It was around 7 p.m. and just beginning to be dark. The crickets were singing, but slowly: it was a cool evening. And then I heard him, and knew immediately, as I always do, that it was the […]

Three Days.


And no bear visits.

Promised Land Salt Lick.


It took me a few days to notice this, but on the floor by my wood stove I found something out of place: a small cube of Dead Sea salt.  I had it in a corner of the cabin by some drying witch-hazel leaves.  It was probably a third of its original size; two-thirds of […]

Where the Bad Bears Go.


After waking up with a bear on top of my truck, I had forty-eight hours without a bear visit.  On Saturday, however, he showed up at my back door at six in the morning.  I had somewhat oafishly booby-trapped the back door, putting a cooler full of water in the doorway leading into the extension, […]

Bear Trashes the Cabin.


I returned home in the late afternoon yesterday, feeling a bit tired from a pair of days in the city. The cabin looked fine, but as I came up to the front door I paused – there was a beer can by the front door. I had guests last weekend, and we drank more than […]

Bear Aerated Compost.


I came out yesterday morning to find my compost pile entirely tossed.  This must be the work either of the raccoons or the bears, though in this instance the fact that the board closing off the compost bin had been ripped off indicated that it was the bear.  And a neighbor reported having a bear […]

Further Thoughts on Grizzly Man.


I have written before that the movie Grizzly Man did not disturb me too much – I felt that the death of Timothy Treadwell – who was eaten by a grizzly bear after spending more than ten summers living in close quarters with them – was appropriate: we all must die, and this was a […]

The Sound of a Bear.


It rained most of the day yesterday, and a guest and I came out of the cabin as the skies cleared in the early evening.  As we were working putting down a bark-mulch in the garden, we heard a large animal moving through the forest – the snapping of a twig, and the swishing of […]

Digging with Bears.


A friend gave me some offsets from her bottlebrush buckeye plant, but not knowing quite where to put it – they get very large – I stashed the plants in my vegetable garden, which had not been planted.  The time has come to plant vegetables, so I chose some spots for the buckeyes and transplanted […]