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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Plateau Mountain.


As I headed up Plateau Mountain yesterday I thought to myself, “John, you’re doing this all wrong, Plateau you do in the morning, to get the light on the mountains, and Giant Ledge in the evening.”  But it was just the right hike to do, even though the picture-into-the-light can’t capture it.  So beautiful.  The […]

The Politics of Dancing.


Now that I’m a candidate for Town Council, there’s no skipping town events.  So I came right from work to the Blue Hill Lodge’s yearly party, held on the construction site of the new brewery going up behind the current site.  When I bought my house in Claryville all we had was the Claryville Country […]

Campaign for Town Council.


On Friday, September 13th I got the Democratic Party Nomination for a seat on the Denning Town Council.  Page with links here.

First 20 Gallons of Apples.


I’ve started harvesting the apples.  I’m got some neighbors who don’t gather the apples, and they’ve given me permission to harvest.  These apples look green, but are actually quite ripe – even quite sweet.  The plan is to make apple butter this year in great quantities.

The Campaign Begins.


My “campaign staff” designed a postcard for me to hand out at campaign events.  It’s great and I love it: it’s of our town garden, which I did the plant design for and which I worked hard on.  And the plants in the foreground are Agastache foeniculum and Hypericum “Gemo,” plants that I love and […]

Death in the Woods.


On Sunday, I was sitting in a chair outside in front of my house, enjoying the evening. It was around 7 p.m. and just beginning to be dark. The crickets were singing, but slowly: it was a cool evening. And then I heard him, and knew immediately, as I always do, that it was the […]

A Political Campaign.


This year, I am the Democratic Candidate for Town Council in the Town of Denning (my township).  The caucus was this past Friday, and I was nominated and accepted as candidate.  I will be the only registered Democrat on the ballot for any town position, and the chances of a Democrat winning are not good. […]