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Latest Piece


The “Global Latinists” piece I wrote is, like the piece about Reginaldus before it, something I’m proud of and which I hope will find readers.  I believe it’s currently behind the paywall, but I know the New Criterion also puts some articles outside its paywall, and I hope this one will get there.



Postcard to Voters.


Letter to Denning Voters.


Dear Neighbor, My name is John Kuhner, and I’m asking for your vote for Denning Town Council. I’ve lived here for five years – long enough to convince me that Denning is my home and I want to do my part for the town by serving on the town council. I may be a bit […]

Campaign for Town Council.


On Friday, September 13th I got the Democratic Party Nomination for a seat on the Denning Town Council.  Page with links here.

Ugly But Honest.


A shot of me at what should be a Tucson landmark.

Our Third Anniversary.


Our first post, three years ago to the day.  Three years and six hundred-odd posts later, we’re still producing material for this website.  I was looking over the essays I’ve posted, and there is enough to make several full-length books.  And some of the material is fairly good.  I think I need to find a […]



One of the essays I wrote for the Staten Island book not included in the printed edition.  And appropriate for the month of April – when we have gorgeous days like today, it is enough for me. The edition of the Staten Island book is very nearly sold out.  Now is the time to order […]

Interview with the University Bookman.


I get interviewed by the University Bookman about the Staten Island book, Thoreau in the City, and the “go live where you are” principle.

More Crumpled Press Press.


A nice little piece by Susannah Black about the Crumpled Press, publisher of the Staten Island book.  “Trading efficiency for loveliness.”