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In tuo lumine illuminamur.


First Bear Visit.


April and May are tricky times for composting in this area, because the bears are rummaging around and are extremely hungry.  Wise folk are putting away their bird feeders, which turn into bear feeders around now.  When I read about bears hanging out outside people’s homes all day, until the police come and shoot them […]

Catskill “Spring.”




One of the essays I wrote for the Staten Island book not included in the printed edition.  And appropriate for the month of April – when we have gorgeous days like today, it is enough for me. The edition of the Staten Island book is very nearly sold out.  Now is the time to order […]

Back in the mountains.


I returned up here a week ago.  It’s been a very busy week, working at the nursery and dealing with the practical problems of wilderness life: getting water from the spring, prepping tools, tending the fire.  Relatively simple tasks like cleaning or cooking are far more labor-intensive when you are getting all your water from […]

Caltha Palustris.


The snow is clearing away quickly in the city with this blast of warm weather, disclosing the life already growing beneath.  The most striking are the marsh marigolds, Caltha Palustris, which have already formed leaves despite having a good foot of snow on top of them just last week.  The fact that nature keeps to […]



Northeastern woods are pretty familiar and do not harbor a great number of the world’s bizarre creatures.  And you feel that anything you experience you’ll have an explanation for.  But occasionally I encounter a phenomenon I really do not understand. The past few nights – and occasionally during the day – the woods have been […]

Update from the Woods.


Summer is just about here; the entire forest is dark brown and green, fertility promised and fertility delivered.  The green awakens some kind of unknowable desire – I can walk through the woods and stop and stare at the leaves glowing green, utterly confounded as to what I am. Lots of writing and lots of […]



Summer weather arrived this weekend – ninety degree days – and with it, an astonishing ascension of complexity in the life around me. In April solitary individuals would break the stillness – “What is that bird? Where is he? Let me figure it out.” – but now the forest is never silent, all kinds of […]



From the Phoenicia Times: A Sullivan County man shot and killed a large adult black bear that was menacing his daughter at her home Sunday, the state DEC has reported. The woman was inside with her four children when the bear attempted to break into a bedroom window of the home and swatted at their […]