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Letter to the Ulster County Planning Board.


The Ulster County Planning Board has its meeting to review the wind turbine here in Denning on Wednesday the 4th.  I expect to attend.  The online petition opposing the turbine, to be built inside the “forever wild” Catskill State Park, is here.  Emails for people on the UCPB are, and  I wrote the […]

Wind Turbine Postponement.


We were circulating a petition asking for a tabling of the vote on the wind turbine, and the vote has indeed been tabled.  Ulster County caught wind of the project and put a stay on it themselves, pending their own review.  This is good.

Town Board Meeting Tonight, Zoning Board Meeting 11/13/13.


There’s a town board meeting tonight at 7 p.m., and one of the items of business will be our petition to get a stay on the decision to build a 177′ wind turbine here in town.  I’ve heard complaints from some of my environmentalist friends – we need renewable energy sources – but I still […]

“Cover the Mountains With Wind Turbines.”


I went to the Town Board meeting last night, in part to congratulate the victors, but mostly because of the wind turbine issue I wrote about earlier.  Since first encountering this issue I’ve thought about it a lot, and asked the opinions of people I respect, and the more I thought about it the more […]

Congratulations to Councilmen Greg Vurckio and Kevin Smith.


The election results are in.  Greg Vurckio was endorsed by both the Republican and Democratic parties, and won election easily.  It was mostly a contest between myself and Kevin Smith.  The vote: Kevin Smith 117 John Kuhner 87 Congratulations to Kevin and Greg, and a thank you to all the Councilmen – I’ve seen up […]

Wind Power Generation in Denning?


Going door-to-door along Mountain Lane yesterday I was asked what my opinion was about “the big wind turbine,” and I had to confess that I had no opinion about it, because I had never heard of it before. (It felt like a bit of a political defeat, to be going door-to-door and get asked about […]

Response to the Seriously Concerned.


While going around door-to-door yesterday evening an older gentleman said to me, “You’re John Kuhner? I’m voting for you for sure.” He went on to explain that “some woman I never saw before” was at the Town Dump passing out leaflets “saying you were a communist or something like that and when I saw all […]

Small-Town Life.


I was dropping off campaign letters at the post office when I was told by the lady at the counter, “Just hold on a second, I’ll get your mail” – this from someone I’ve never been formally introduced to, though she sure got the right person’s mail out.  When she saw I had campaign materials […]



Postcard to Voters.