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Racism, Wimbledon, Sexuality


I read this morning the New York Times’ piece on women’s body image which has stirred up some controversy – how Serena Williams physique is excellent for tennis, but certain professional tennis players or their coaches were quoted saying they didn’t want such a body, because it made them seem or feel less feminine and […]

Landing in Miami.


When I got off the plane I was amazed immediately: in tropical climates the humid air holds the warmth all night, and I could walk out of the airport in short sleeves in perfect comfort. Miami began its wild growth after the “Great Freeze” of 1894, when Florida’s entire citrus crop was killed off by […]

Finally, Proof of Intelligent Design.


Frequent ingestion of semen, either vaginally or orally, before pregnancy may help reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy – but only if the semen comes from the baby’s father.  The medical research looks at this in connection with preeclampsia and more broadly in terms of the health of the pregnant woman.  It always impresses me […]

The Catholic Sex Problem, Ctd.


I just finished The Body and Society, Peter Brown’s stupendously excellent book on early Christian views of the body.  The book is filled with interesting excerpts from the saints.  Here’s one of them: “The human ideal of continence, I mean that which is set forth by the Greek philosophers, teaches one to resist passion, so […]

Merrie Olde England.


A nice interview about the ever-interesting 18th century.  The most remarkable thing to my eyes: We have very good data on births outside marriage and births within seven months of marriage, which is a pretty good indicator of people having had sex before marriage. These are aggregate statistics covering the whole [of England], and show […]

Catholic Charities on the Dole.


Catholic Charities in Illinois has closed down all its foster-care operations rather than comply with new regulations allowing same-sex couples to adopt.  The bishops’ lawyers are out, contesting that they have a First Amendment right to freedom of religion, and hence do not have to abide by state regulations; which sounds mildly plausible, until you […]

Please, no more of these ignorant Catholics.


An unusually bad essay crossed my computer screen the other day, by Peter Kreeft, who is apparently a kind of figure in Conservative Catholic circles.  To give a sense of what sort of person he is, supposedly he was asked whether a Catholic could be a liberal, and he said it was “a very challenging […]

Bertrand Russell’s Atheist Essays.


There is a fine little collection of essays about atheism by Bertrand Russell, entitled Why I Am Not A Christian, which I read on subway rides about the city the past week.  It is light reading, and his mature essays are in a lucid style which offers no difficulties (some of his earlier essays, such […]

Simone Weil and Homer and Force and Love and Blake.


Scott Moringiello recalls Simone Weil on Homer and violence: “The true hero, the true subject, the center of the Iliad is force, that x that turns anybody who is subjected to it into a thing.” “Exercised to the limit, it turns man into a thing in the most literal sense: it makes a corpse out of him.” […]

Abraham, Our Father in Faith.


In the endless self-repeating Flows for ever more the Same; Myriad arches, springing, meeting, Hold at rest the mighty Frame; Streams from all things love of living, Grandest star and humblest clod; All the straining, all the striving, Is eternal rest in God. – GOETHE In any good religion, there should be something utterly unpalatable, […]