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Monthly Archives: February 2012



I’ve been far too busy to write or even think too much – the unhappy result of teaching – but thank goodness for Garry Wills, to express what his Church actually knows and believes.



I’m really no good at adapting – “no one changes you” being the way my ex-wife summed it up – so it’s not a surprise that I’m having some difficulty living in Arizona.  I went to a pizza place on Saturday without any cash, and asked for a nearby ATM.  The voice of the guy […]

Everything and Anything But Edifying.


“This expression, ‘God’s world,’ may sound sentimental to some ears. For me it did not have this character at all. To ‘God’s world’ belonged everything superhuman – dazzling light, the darkness of the abyss, the cold impassivity of infinite space and time, and the uncanny grotesqueness of the irrational world of chance. ‘God,’ for me, […]



Night in the Desert.


Feeling horribly contained by urban life here, I drove out of the city not really knowing where I was going and pulled my truck to the side of the road by a small shrine about fifty miles into the desert.  I pulled out my sleeping bag and found a spot where the rocks were a […]