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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Jung on Self-Knowledge.


The average civilized person considers much that is human alien to him – precisely the opposite of Terence’s definition of being human.  Once I was walking down a street in Manhattan with two (very smart) friends, and I started philosophizing about the pleasure of killing and eating one’s foes as a mode of revenge.  I […]

Jung and Freud.


I have always had a poor New Yorker’s skepticism of “therapy” – shrinks and psychoanalysis.  That sort of thing, goes the prejudice, is for Manhattanites; and it never cures them anyway.  In fact, it is likely to make people more self-centered and self-justifying than ever.  An acquaintance with Freud’s writings, and the atrocious way that […]

In the Mountains.


“The Mosque.”


I’ve been out of the loop as far as news goes, and I will say that I really cannot believe that this mosque controversy has gone on so long.  I’m utterly willing to say that anyone who believes in taking away the right of the builders to practice their religion in any place that they […]

So Far Behind the Times, it’s Ahead.


I’ve spent a lot of time this summer criss-crossing the Catskills in my truck, going to landscaping jobs.  My only companions are my thoughts and my FM radio.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the radio in the Eastern Catskills.  There’s Woodstock Radio, where I can hear “Maggie’s Farm” or Matthew Sweet or […]

Two Days of Peace, Love, and Planting.


I spent the last two days in Woodstock, planting: redbuds, dogwoods, mountain laurel, rhododendron.  And killing barberry.  Two of the good days.  God be praised.

On Bad Religion.


“The thickest veils between man and Allah are the wisdom of the wise, the worship of the religious, and the piety of the pious.”  – Bayazid Bistami Thinking recently about Religulous – and the religious error of pursuing religion without first pursuing humility.

The Trial.


When I walked into court Monday night, I heard the owner of the property at the end of Schumway Road, Todd Brown, who was apparently the main force behind this trespassing prosecution, saying to the police officer/prosecutor, “And if he took any photos back there, those images belong to Catskill Holdings LLC.  I want that […]

Not Guilty.


Found not guilty last night in the “walk in the woods” case.  My lawyer friends all swore to me that such a case would never be prosecuted, but prosecuted it was (twice no less!), though the judge seemed nonplussed to be hearing so frivolous a case.  In the end, the trial was interesting – and […]

Error, Reality, and Religion.


“To follow It, you must be cleaned – With mistakes that you do mean.” Not long ago, I was speaking with a group of people about serious things, and the word “reality” was used.  The woman who used it, who had sampled the waters of the various religions, corrected herself: “What am I saying,” she […]