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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy New Year.


If you want to know what it’s like up here, this is about right. No horses though, and only one person. And no musical instruments, only an axe and a saw. But I will sing this song as I work tomorrow, I promise.



There were a pair of unusual tracks across my front lawn when I inspected the property on Wednesday.  Two large animals walked right past my front door, not twenty feet from the cabin.  The tracks were several days old and I found no sharp details – no pads, no clawmarks, nothing truly indicative.  The impressions […]

Woodchopping in Winter.


I highly recommend saving as much woodsplitting as possible for cold days.  First of all, it is fabulously warming exercise – “wood warms twice” is the Thoreau saying – and second, the frost makes the wood brittle.  It’s like chopping glass – it always splits when struck, and has none of the elasticity and suppleness […]

Kuhner v. Combustion Engine.


The battery in my truck died the night of the blizzard – as I discovered when I volunteered to bring some people to the subway – and two days ago I attempted to get a jump and head for Staten Island.  It refused to take a charge.  I walked down to Atlantic Avenue to get […]

Four Minutes With Richard Rohr.


Related to the Sullivan video I posted a few months ago about learning he had HIV.

Still an abuse of the law.


Attempts to make law enforcement a business just create stupidity, petty regulation, law for law’s sake, and injustice.  Even if it’s petty injustice.

Inner and Outer.


If an alien de Tocqueville came to a Christian church to write a “Religion on Earth” book, he would probably conclude that two major tenets of Christianity are dressing up and showing up.  And the holier the occasion, the more the commandments “thou shalt dress up” and “thou shalt show up” are followed. For a […]

Simone Weil on Christmas.


“Beauty is the experimental proof that incarnation is in fact possible.”

Christmas with Fyodor.


“You asked just now if there is in the whole world a being who could and would have the right to forgive.  But there is such a being, and he can forgive everything, forgive all and for all, because he himself gave his innocent blood for all and for everything…and it is to him that […]

Mayhem in Queens.


Stories of airline horrors at JFK, which seems likely to be the case until Christmas Day.  Delta having one person at the checkin desk, six hour waits, and so forth.  Police called in to quell the angry mob.  Where is all the money going in these industries?  The employees are not well paid.  There aren’t […]