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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Life of the Spirit.


One of the fruits of the past two and a half years in the woods has been a crop of writings about the inner life.  I have spent a great deal of time alone in nature; this kind of introspection has been unavoidable.  Mostly these reflections have taken the form of long-form essays.  Often there […]

The Two Islams and the Two Christianities.


“Tell me, you who wish to be under a Law: have you not heard the Law?  It is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a maidservant and one of a free woman.  The son by the maidservant was according to the flesh, and the son by the free woman was according to the […]

Robot Politics.


I know that all originality and thoughtfulness is punished in politics, and conformity is the name of the game in political speeches as much as it is in political clothing, but I really don’t mind seeing politicians getting hammered for precisely the things they are told are so crucial: mouthing slogans, sticking to the talking […]

“Alien Brains For Dinner.”


I was at a party on an organic farm last Friday, where the guest of honor was this gargantuan mushroom, found by the side of the road.  And we had roasted chestnuts too, a first for me. My awe at drawing close to the processes of food growing and gathering only increases.  Everything I do, […]

The Crumpled Press.


How the Crumpled Press goes about its business – “combining modern technology with the pleasures of an archaic mode of production” – from the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Solitude and Autumn.


Fall is mostly done in the high mountains.  The woods are mostly bare and your eye pierces right through them to the mountains beyond.  And it has gotten very quiet. Last night, in one of my contentedly melancholy moods, I found myself singing this contentedly melancholy song, and I stepped out onto the porch to […]

Release for Staten Island Book, November 6th.


My first book, Staten Island, or, Life in the Boroughs will have its release at the Staten Island Museum (a.k.a. Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences) at 1 p.m. on November 6th, 2010.  All are invited. From the well-written press release: “John Byron Kuhner ferries the reader across New York Harbor to the island […]

The Harvest.


I have not been able to photograph the harvest in detail for various reasons, but only a few photos are really necessary.  The satisfactions of growing, looking at, and consuming are well known to all, though like most pleasures the experience always surpasses the memory. The yield was extraordinary, really; certainly more than a hundred […]

Fall Peaks.


Hiked in the pouring rain Monday, and was amply rewarded in the spells when the rain paused.



The Staten Island book – which can be ordered here (it has returned from the printers, and is being bound) – originally consisted of twenty-one essays, about 45,000 words; the publishers selected ten of these essays to make a more compact 20,000 word “chapbook,” a better size book for the press and, of course, far […]