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Category Archives: On Baseball

The Broke New York Mets.


I went to a Mets game last fall – free tickets via a One Percenter – and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was a good crowd, the ballpark was nice, the home team won, etc.  A nice evening out.  The only bad thing was the part I didn’t have to worry about – the face value […]

Baseball Stadium Dimensions.


Contractors are currently working at Citi Field bringing the fences in to make the park’s dimensions more comparable to other MLB stadiums.  I tend to favor larger stadiums, because to me it is strange and arbitary that the position of a fence can not just make a double into a home run, but actually make […]

Entertainment and Athletics.


In honor of the All-Star game, a defense of old categories.  There is a tendency for old divisions to fade away, and what was separate to merge into one – a process which goes by the name of corruption.  So we have business and athletics and entertainment, a trinity which many will tell you are […]

Let Top Seeds Choose Their Opponent, Part II


I heard Mike Francesa hammering on this idea during his radio program today.  He saw no drawbacks to the idea – letting top seeds choose their opponent in the first round of the playoffs as a reward for having the best record during the regular season.  It certainly would work well for baseball.  He said, […]

Against Funding Sports Stadiums.


            Every now and again, you hear a politician or sports announcer who objects to the “corporate welfare” which is found throughout the United States, in the form of municipalities paying hundreds of millions of dollars to build sports arenas for the specific use of certain private, professional sports teams.  Their opposition usually amounts to […]

A New Statistic: Secondary Slugging Percentage


            Whenever I tell someone about my idea for a new baseball statistic, the answer is pretty much the same: it’s not possible.  Every statistic that could possibly be gathered and compiled already is.  And yet there is a very useful statistic which, in fact, is not gathered, not by ESPN, not by the Elias […]

Put Strategy Into Playoff Matchups


Several people have complained about how the wildcard has diminished the importance of baseball’s regular season. More often than not, at least one wildcard team has made it to the World Series, often doing better than the team that beat them out for the division title.  Given one badly timed three-game losing streak (or even […]